5 Ways to Increase Breast Size Without Operations


A popular saying that an ideal woman’s breasts should fit her husband’s palms. Well, women dream that their palms would be as big as possible …

It’s not necessary to lie under the scalpel, decide to inject, after all, there are many other ways to increase the breast without surgery. Naturally, the breasts increase during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Since breasts are a very important part of the body for many women, let’s start with the composition of these female beauties. The breast is made up of the milk gland, and the fatty tissue around it. The chest is supported by only one muscle – the subcutaneous cervical muscle, which is from the region of the second rib to the lower jaw, and the skin triangle from the base of the chest to the chin.

Skin tightens with age, gravity, diet, breast-feeding. Therefore, the answer to how to increase breast size without operations is to take care of the firmness and elasticity of the skin triangle and the training of the sole muscle.

5 Ways to Increase Breast Size Without Operations


It is precisely the neck muscle that needs to be given maximum attention in the gym. The big and small chest muscles, regardless of the name, are responsible for the movement of the shoulders, arms, but doesn’t have much impact for breasts. Therefore, the choice of exercises depends on individual anatomical features.

Well, before joining the fight, you need to find a personal trainer to make you an individual program. Very effective are push ups. They strengthen not only the hands but also the breasts. You can start pushing from the bench – you need to prepare your muscles to be able to do push-ups from the floor. The most important thing is to have the back parallel to the floor. You can change the position of the hands by turning them to different sides – this will help to promote the work of various muscle groups.Weights lifting, swimming crawl, generally swimming are effective as well. Just remember – exercise does not affect the size of the breast, but its shape and height.


The easiest way to increase your breasts at home is to take advantage of the beauty products, like breast enhancement creams. Most important is to choose cream from natural ingredients which moisturizes, nourishes and firms your breasts. Also, don’t expect miracles to happen in a day. You will need to use it at least for 3 months or more to see a result.

The best natural breast enhancement creams I found that really works magic are: Brestogen and and Total Curve.

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The effectiveness of breast care products will be improved by applying them properly. Massage will strengthen the blood circulation, increase tone and, in addition, it will prevent breast thinning.

Here are some methods:

Hand massage is performed with gentle pats and the taps. Otherwise, you can damage the mammary glands and stretch the breast skin. Heat a small amount of cream in your palms. Circle the left palm around your right breast, and right palm around the left one. Now turn your palms horizontally and gently press from chest to chin. Massage for 10-15 minutes per day. Water massage is a contrast shower for the breasts. Let the water flow and massage your breasts in a circular motion, 2 – 3 minutes. one side, then one another.

It is possible to do a reflex therapy by touching on certain points, but this will require a specialist because you need to know exactly where to find these spots on the body. After any type of massage, it is advisable to wear a bra for additional breast support. By the way, the effect of push up bra is tested – it’s an ideal way to have a nice breast.


Gorgeous breasts are not compatible with smoking and alcohol abuse. Nicotine not only aggravate the chest skin, but it can also be a cause of mammalian diseases. Take advantage of breastfeeding products – with vitamins A, E and C (carrots, apricots, citrus spinach). They are very useful for the breast glands.

Meanwhile, ruthless diet is harmful. The breast gland has a lot of fatty tissue that gives it a round look. When you start to follow a diet, the breast will decrease first. By the way, if the skin is not elastic enough, breasts may become saggy. One way out -is to lose weight gradually and take care of the breast skin consistently.

Align the nutrition plan with the nutritionist, do not forget the creams for breast skin and exercise. Only physical exercises can simulate the shape according to your taste!

Important and correct posture

Watch your posture. If your body stops at the position of the question mark, the breasts will look smaller, less attractive than what it really is. Pay attention to celebrity events – their back is straight, shoulders back.

Stand in front of the mirror and simulate their posture. You will find that a good posture instantly will increase your breast size. From some of the celebrities you can learn not only about a good posture but also an attitude towards yourself. Sometimes instead of concentrating attention to your weaknesses, take the example of actor who is proud of what nature has given them.


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